The Avondale Mental Care home in Liverpool is a 50 bedded registered mental nursing home and was established in 1991 by charity Delphside. The centre provides care, support and rehabilitation for adults with a wide range of mental health related issues. When first built the centre was fitted with Atlantic Boiler’s world-leading ‘Optimagaz’ and ‘Condensagaz’ E Series gas condensing boilers. The centre has just undergone a complete refurbishment and two of these long life boilers have been replaced by the latest technology. Two VF 100kW pre-mix low NOX gas condensing boilers computer-controlled and programmed for continuous comfort and maximum economy. The advanced method of control allows the reduction in boilerplant and energy input. The changeover was designed by Rodney Environmental Consultants of Liverpool and carried out by J J Rhodes & Sons of Ainsdale. The VF 100 boiler is wall-mounted, constructed entirely of austenitic stainless steel with a seasonal efficiency of 94%GCV throughout its modulating range of 25kW to 100kW. It is very quiet in operation and easy to lift into position. Up to four boilers can be erected and operated together.

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