New Super-Condensing Water Heater for Leisure Centre

Atlantic Boilers of Ashton-under-Lyne has completed another successful super-condensing water heater installation at Whitworth Leisure Centre, Rochdale. This busy community centre has two swimming pools and a fully equipped fitness suite requiring constant shower demand for hot water.

For several years, the hot water requirement has been met by two cylinders and 18kW input by four electric immersion heaters. A boost in visitors and rising energy prices, the Centre Administrators resolved to install an ATLANTIC E-CONDENSE 450l/55kW water heater with serpentine flue, producing 920 litres per hour of water at 60°C with a consistent super efficiency of 97%GCV (107%NCV).

With increasing experience in the leisure sector Atlantic are able to provide a range of models suitable for this environment including electric water heaters, condensing water heaters and extremely compact and low cost plate heat exchangers, which avoid most scale build up.

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