Factory Quarter near Chiswick is a development of over 450 homes provided by Genesis Housing Group. The site includes a mix of 104 apartments for affordable rent, 185 for shared ownership and the remaining 165 for private sale. Green energy solutions have been incorporated and the development has received an EWCO Homes 'very good' rating. The heating and hot water are supplied by a central system of low carbon boilers and a wind power system.

ATLANTIC have supplied two R-Series 500kW dual-fuel B100 bio-fuel and natural gas boilers which lead four NA-R800 930kW natural gas boilers. The in-house control system will ensure that the two R Series boilers will satisfy over 50% of the total heat load with an equivalent saving in carbon emmission. B100 is modified vegetable oil.

In this process, the oil is transformed from one form of ester into another. The process makes the ester thinner and more suitable for the ATLANTIC burners. The remarkable feature of the transformation process is that it can use a wide range of feedstocks - virgin vegetable oil, used fryer oil, animal fats, even pond algae - all to produce a similar basic bio-fuel end product.

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