Atlantic Boilers of Oldham have installed dual-fuel boilers at the new Corby Enterprise Centre in Northamptonshire. The £8.3m centre is home to 15 workshops, 38 offices and a café area.

As part of the town’s regeneration programme, the flagship centre is built next to the Corby Business Academy at Priors Hall Park, the major urban extension to the north east of Corby. The centre aims to provide an environment to support and develop new and emerging businesses with space from 200 square feet to 1500 square feet.

The entire space heating requirement is met by two 90kW R-Series dual fuel boilers – B100 bio-diesel and natural gas. The R Series is a year-round high efficiency condensing boiler which bridges the gap between gas condensing boilers and bio-mass boilers by providing combustion which burns traditional fuels and also ‘green fuel’.

Liquid bio-fuel boilers are at an advantage to other ‘green boilers’ such a bio-mass boilers for several reasons. Liquid bio-fuel is easier than bio-mass to store and feed to the boiler and produces 37 megajoules of heat per kilogram against 17 megajoules of heat per kilogram for good standard biomass. In addition, the UK has a surplus of waste and home-grown vegetable oils which the developing liquid bio-fuel boilers are ready to burn with efficiency and minimum noxious emissions.

With liquid bio-fuel :- • Carbon monoxide is lower than 20 parts per million • Nitrous oxide is down to 40mg/kWHr • Condensing boilers are available with efficiency up to 97% GCV • Boiler flow temperatures are available from 20°C to 90°C The boilers were specified by BSD of Corby and installed by Mitchell & Hewitt of Derby.

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