Exeter University Forum Project

This project forms a new centre-piece for the University of Exeter’s famously hilly Steetham Campus. Working with nature’s features on the site, a green corridor will connect the Forum with the wider landscape. Central to the scheme is an undulating timber grid-shell roof, which shelters and unifies a series of new student-focused spaces within. The fluid form respects the views from the city to Dartmoor.

Atlantic Boilers have installed two R22-225kW and one R-22-500 kW year round gas condensing pre-mix modulating boilers. All the boilers have substantial turn down ratio and low NOx levels which earn maximum points on the BREEAM scale. Alongside the boilers, are two 37kW mini-Expresso plate heat exchangers each fitted with a 2500 litre highly insulated domestic hot water storage. The installers were MJN Colston of Exeter.

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