Four RS Turboflow plate heat exchangers were installed in 1986 at the prestigious international 5-star Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly, London W1 to provide abundant hot water to all the bedroom suites, the reception rooms and the kitchens. The installation was completely satisfactory with minimum maintenance for over 20 years.

Alan Miller, Chief Engineer, resolved to replace two of the exchangers under planned maintenance and approached ATLANTIC for their latest TURBOFLOW exchangers which have CE and Pressure Directive approvals. These were fitted, adjusted and commissioned by ATLANTIC engineers within a minimum interruption of a few hours.

Alan Miller, who manages all mechanical and electrical services at the Ritz says 'The supply of abundant hot water at all hours of day and night is absolutely critical. The Turboflow plate heat exchanger has met the requirement speedily and effectively over the past 20 years and I am confident that the latest exchangers will give continued satisfaction for the next 20 years or more'.

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